Sing Box Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sing-Box Affected by the Clash Incident?

On November 2, 2023, the Clash for Windows author deleted their GitHub repositories, triggering a series of similar archival events, including the core of Clash, Clash Meta, and the well-known Clash for Windows. However, SingBox is not based on the Clash kernel and is in active development, so it’s safe to use.

Can I Use Clash Subscriptions Directly with Sing Box?

Clash subscriptions are not compatible with SingBox. However, many online services can convert Clash subscriptions into Sing-Box subscriptions, you can try this tool which converts Clash subscription to Sing-Box subscription.

Does Sing Box Support ShadowsocksR?

The ShadowsocksR protocol is no longer maintained, and therefore, support for its related features has been completely removed.

How to Use GeoIP and Geosite?

GeoIP and Geosite have been deprecated. Now, it’s recommended to use “Rule Sets” to achieve similar functionalities.

How Do I Configure Sing Box?

Currently, configuring Sing-Box is quite complex. You can refer to the configuration manual for detailed parameter information.