Sing Box Client Configuration and Usage Guide

Download and Installation

Download and install the appropriate version(Windows/macOS/Linux) of the client from the homepage‘s download link, then launch it.

Adding a Subscription

Go to ‘Profiles’ in the left-hand menu, then click the ‘Add’ button in the top right corner.

Adding a Subscription

Enter the subscription name, select ‘remote’ for type, input the subscription link, and then click ‘create’.

Entering Subscription Details

Using the Proxy

Click on ‘Dashboard’ in the left-hand menu, then select the subscription you just added from the right-hand list, and click the ‘Start’ button at the top to enable it.

Select and Activate Subscription

Once activated, a ‘Groups’ menu will appear on the left.

Displaying Proxy List

Click on ‘Groups’, and a list of available proxies will appear on the right. You can click the lightning icon to conduct a speed test, then choose the appropriate service to start using.

Speed Testing and Selecting the Right Node